Saturday, August 18, 2012

We and the Technology

“This is the era of technology”. You must have heard this thousand’s time by many. But questions which always comes to my mind is- are they boon or a curse for humankind? Are we too dependent on these technologies? Do we feel incomplete without them?

Unfortunately, the answer to the questions is Yes. We have become so dependent on the technology that living without it is like living without air.

Technology Evolution

Can you imagine your life without a cell-phone? Most of us will answer No, because we have become so dependent on it. If we are not on call then either we are busy in texting or engrossed in some other application of it. If you are getting bored, listen to songs in your phone; want to play games it’s there in your phone, even if you want to go somewhere ask the address to your phone. Why? Are the people around you, are dead or else you are blind that you cannot see anyone or anything except your phone and other gadgets.

I understand that the phone is a necessity but that doesn’t mean we have to keep checking it in every two-minutes, so that we don’t miss anything. We have forgotten to catch up with family, friends and neighbours. However, if we do so it’s a virtual reality, thanks to the Facebook and Skype. We are so used to the technology that most of our work is related to it. In fact nowadays, if you want to shop, just few clicks and the required things are delivered at your place. Today we cannot write something without a 'spells check’. This is insane.

Technology and today's generation

Technology has made us lethargic, weak, obese and what not. There is no physical or mental activity to be done. Want to calculate something, get calculator. Want to shop, order online. We are so much attached to our seats and don’t want to leave our comfort zones. I agree technology gives us an inspiration to creative new ideas, motivates us to invent new things, but today I can’t find single kid not using a cell-phone or a laptop. Is this the way we want to up bring our next generations; obsessed with gadgets?

One of the most important technologies that are discovered is Electricity. It is a boon to us. We won’t be able to do anything, practically any single thing, without it. Our all devices be it computer, television, microwave, washing machine or anything, it works on it.

Imagine one day there is no electricity for a day, what will you do? How will you survive? Horrific, isn’t it? But honestly, it is not so difficult. There are so many things we can do. Meet and talk to your friends and family without computer screens in front of you, go for a walk, enjoy the beauty of nature, get wet in the Mumbai monsoon. There are so many things to do instead of becoming a slave of the technology.

Call is your, want to become a master of the technology or a slave.

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