Thursday, December 30, 2010


Everyone has his own thoughts about life.
Small kid playing with toys says,
Life is fun. 
An adult says,
A moment of mixed feelings is life.
Poor man shivering in cold says,
Life is full of troubles.
Rich man happily says,
Money is life. 
A worker says,
Life is hard work.
Begger says,
Hunting for food is life.
A solider standing in battlefield says,
Life is battlefield.
A sparrow flying freely in sky says,
Freedom is life. 
A helpless bird in a cage says,
Life is bondage. 
Waiting in loneliness for his beloved, a lover says,
Waiting eagerly for beloved is life.
A saint in his speech says,
Life is way to get God.
And I say Life is an unsolved mystery,
The solution of which we seek according to our thoughts.